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Body - Face and Hair


Chargen, Fair-and-Balanced, Models/Meshes, Textures, Overhaul, Only-For-Female-Characters, Official

Mod created by: TrophiHunter

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Adds 22 Eye Brows to female characters using Skyrim's system. These brows are a separate mesh that is loaded into the Eyebrow Head part which allows for much higher quality textures.
These brows use Skyrim's method, Skyrim uses a different mesh in which the brows are rendered on. Fallout 4 uses a tint menu apart of Looks Menu to apply the brows onto the head mesh. This method is super wasteful as the brows are only a small part of the head's UVs. In fact Fallout 4 developers did make a Brow mesh like Skyrim but they decided to use the tint route. All brows that have a _M in their name also have makeup applied. Use the IKAROS/FHR set if you have that mesh/head loaded.

At some point I will also add more brows so look out for that

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