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Chargen, Fair-and-Balanced, Music, Sound Fx, Voice-Acting, Models/Meshes, Textures, Video, Not-Safe-For-Work, Clothing-Female-Only, Not-Lore-Friendly, Only-For-Female-Characters, Crafting, Armour

Mod created by: TrophiHunter, kitcat81, Sun, Minc3meat, Shinoboru

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Developed by a lonely mechanical engineer, IKAROS-Androids were intended to service humans in any way imaginable. This holo-tape enables the user to change into one of these androids by selecting the option and transforms the organic material into synthetic.
These androids can swim underwater forever, are immune to RADS and Poison, jump higher, have a very strong melee, have a significantly
reduced fall damage and cripple chance.

Game Stats