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4K Face

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Mod created by: TrophiHunter

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Ok so this is my 4K face textures mod, you will need a lot of GPU POWER to handle these textures, they use a lot of V-Ram. if you have any other mod that adds stuff to the human race tint .esp this will potentially break and give you that broken dark face issue. Every texture needs to be the same size in order to prevent that issue. You can however do 4K diff-norm and 2K spec though, if you want. You need LMCC, this mod comes with all the texture from that but are only upscaled to work, (Not True 4K). Only the Female type 2 face parts are true 4K, also remember to use the right forehead and neck type, should both be the 2nd one in Looks Menu. This mod is really intended for close ups of your characters face ;). You might run into issues where certain LM presets are broken (black face) not sure why this happens. Give it a try, hopefully it works for you. Thanks Enjoy.

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